The Importance of Two- Factor Authentication

20th March 2021

Passwords are a daily part of our lives. We use them to access our work, banking, online shopping and to interact with our social circles. In fact, just about everything else that we do on the internet involves them. But what’s the best way to keep our accounts secure in 2021? And what role can Two-factor authentication play? Here we discuss the importance of Two Factor Authentication. The evolution of the password The first computer password was developed in 1961…

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The Importance of IT training in the workplace

26th February 2021

It may seem obvious, but for most businesses, our employees are our most valuable assets. A highly skilled workforce pulling in the same direction is one of the quickest and most effective routes to establishing yourself as a successful company. There are many ways to upskill your employees, but IT training is one particular area that you should always include in your plans. Here we explain the importance of IT training in the workplace. Competency While many employees today have…

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How to keep employees productive whilst working from home

28th January 2021

Facing the challenges of the global pandemic has meant that many office-based workers are now dispersed. Working virtually from their sofas and kitchen tables. We share how to keep employees productive whilst working from home. However, the lack of face-to-face contact, the potential distractions, and the overall disruption that comes with remote working can make it difficult to maintain high standards. To overcome these challenges, employers should take advantage of new technologies and approaches that can help them to communicate…

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How much does Downtime cost a business?

22nd December 2020

Today’s modern companies are understandably very dependent on technology. The benefits of new and ever-improving systems offer almost unbounded possibilities that are often hard to ignore. However, this deep-seated reliance on tech means that if systems do fail there can often be hefty consequences. Here we discuss the question- how much does downtime cost a business? What is Downtime? Downtime can be classified into several different categories. It can be the loss of internet access and your ability to stay…

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The Importance of Having Disaster Recovery

17th November 2020

If there was one lesson to be gleaned from the past decade it would be to “always expect the unexpected”. This mantra of course holds true not only in our personal lives but also in the world of business. From natural disasters to fires and leaks, and cyber attacks, businesses face many threats. This is regardless of the industry that they operate in. The key question that arises here is not just how will you defend yourself against these threats,…

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7 Ways to Protect Your Company From Cybercrime

30th October 2020

Cybercrime is unfortunately now a regular occurrence and something all businesses should be taking into consideration. Cybercriminals do not target solely large companies, so all business owners should have cybercrime and cybersecurity and the top of their minds. This is even more important now that we have more people than ever working from home. Here we discuss 7 ways to protect your company from cybercrime Use strong, unique passwords This may seem like an obvious point but it is often a weak area in an organisation’s…

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6 Common Computer Mistakes People Make

6th September 2020

Almost all of us now use computers as part of our job. Despite using computers often as part of our daily lives, there are errors people make all the time that should be avoided. The impact of the mistakes can cause delays in work, frustrations, and can even have more severe consequences for the company. Here we discuss six computer mistakes people make. Not Saving Work This is a mistake that almost everyone has made at some point. When you…

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Why data back-up is vital to businesses

28th August 2020

The majority of businesses now rely on computers and mobile devices in order to carry out their work. Because we rely on technology it means that we must ensure we have our data secured and readily available at all times in case anything happens. Here we discuss why data back up is important to businesses. What is data back up? We should start by explaining exactly what we mean by data backup. Simply put, data back up is a copy…

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7 Benefits of using Microsoft Teams for Organisations

30th July 2020

With more of us working from home, having video conferences for our meetings is now becoming the new norm. One platform that is being used an increasing amount is Microsoft Teams. This is available as part of the Office 365 package and here we discuss exactly what Microsoft Teams is and how it can benefit your business. What is Microsoft Teams?  Microsoft Teams allows your employees to work collaboratively, even when they are working in separation locations. With features such…

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Staying safe whilst remote working

7th July 2020

As it becomes more common for people to work from home, or in locations outside of the workplace,  it is paramount that organisations are protected as cybercrime continues to become more sophisticated and a real threat. It can be stressful for companies to allow their staff to work from home because of these cyber risks. Here are 7 things companies can do to help ensure that employees are staying safe whilst remote working.

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