Cybersecurity 101: Protecting Your Business From Online Threats | ECL

Cybersecurity 101: Protecting Your Business From Online Threats

31st January 2024

Cybersecurity is vital to businesses for safeguarding sensitive data, maintaining customer trust, and ensuring uninterrupted operations. Cyber threats such as ransomware attacks and data breaches can pose significant financial and reputational risks. With cyber threats constantly evolving, it is imperative that your cybersecurity is regularly reviewed and updated in order to keep your business protected. Robust cybersecurity measures protect against unauthorised access, data theft, and system disruptions, preserving the integrity of critical information. Cybersecurity has become a critical aspect of…

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The Evolution of IT: current trends and future predictions | ECL

The Evolution of IT: current trends and future predictions

3rd January 2024

The field of Information Technology (IT) is continually evolving to meet the demands of an increasingly interconnected world. From the early days of mainframes and the introduction of personal computers, to the current era of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and global connectivity, IT has come a long way. IT has revolutionised how we communicate, work, and interact, and continues to adapt to meet the demands of an ever-changing digital landscape. As technology evolves, the future promises even more groundbreaking advancements,…

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Cloud Computing Benefits: Why Your Business Should Migrate To The Cloud

5th November 2023

To remain competitive in the evolving business landscape, businesses must utilise modern technology. One such way is to adopt a cloud-first strategy, whereby all or most of your business infrastructure is transferred to a cloud computing platform. Cloud computing has proven to be a game-changer for businesses. The shift to the cloud is more than just a trend; it is a strategic move that can significantly enhance the efficiency, agility and overall success of your business. Read on to discover…

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Top apps available in Microsoft 365 for businesses

Top Apps Available In Microsoft 365 For Businesses

30th October 2023

Microsoft 365, formerly known as Office 365, is a comprehensive suite of productivity tools and services designed to streamline work processes and enhance collaboration within businesses. From word processing and email to project management and data analysis, Microsoft 365 offers a wide range of applications tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern businesses. Read on to find out about some of the top apps available in Microsoft 365. Microsoft Teams Teams enables individuals and teams to collaborate, communicate and…

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How Human Error Can Be A Big Security Threat

How Human Error Can Be A Big Security Threat

4th September 2023

People make mistakes – it is part of being human. Although mistakes give us a chance to learn and grow, they can be costly when it comes to cyber security. Unintentional or lack of action, such as downloading a virus or using a weak password, can result in a data breach. With 82% of cyber security breaches resulting from a human element, according to a report by Verizon in 2022, human error is one of the biggest threats that organisations…

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Reasons For Using Managed IT Services

28th August 2023

In today’s world, IT is essential to the success of businesses of any size. Without IT, businesses would not be able to operate efficiently or effectively. IT helps businesses to communicate and collaborate more effectively, automate tasks and processes, store and manage data more efficiently, protect their data and systems from security threats, and stay competitive in the marketplace. IT can also help businesses to improve their customer service, develop new products and services, and expand into new markets. However,…

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IT Support business continuity plan

How IT Support Can Improve Your Business Continuity Planning

30th July 2023

Business continuity planning is essential in preparing organisations for potential disruptions, so that they can continue to operate during and after a disruption, and to minimise the loss of revenue and customers, and damage to reputation. It is the process of identifying potential disruptions, assessing the impact of those disruptions, and developing plans and strategies for mitigating those threats to minimise the impact they could have. Seek Expert Advice To ensure that your business continuity plan will be effective, it…

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What Every Business Needs To Know About Email Security

What Every Business Needs To Know About Email Security

28th June 2023

With email being the most commonly leveraged channel of communication, email security is essential to protect businesses from data breaches, loss, and compromise. Nowadays, email and work go hand in hand. Most businesses use email daily to communicate internally between colleagues, as well as externally with customers, suppliers, and shareholders. According to recent data for 2023, the average number of emails sent and received worldwide per day is 347.3 billion. This has increased by 4.3% compared to the previous year.…

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Disaster Recovery

The importance of data backup and disaster recovery planning

25th May 2023

In an age where a lot of business operations are conducted digitally, it has never been more important to have a backup and disaster recovery plan. Why is it so important? Read on to find out. What is a data backup? Backing up your files and data means having copies in more than one location, other than just locally on your device, such as in the cloud or on an external hard drive. What is a disaster recovery plan? Having…

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automatied IT

The benefits of automating IT processes

24th April 2023

More and more businesses are adopting automated IT processes, and it is clear to see why. Automating IT processes can increase productivity, reduce the risk of errors, and free up time, resources, and personnel. Here we explain what IT process automation is and tell you some of the many benefits that automating IT processes can have on your business. What are IT processes? IT processes are the tasks and activities carried out by an IT department to manage and support…

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IT Support

ECL recognises that every client is different, and every client has a different IT support requirement. Whatever the size of your business, we can offer a support scenario to suit your needs.

Cloud Services

Whether your business already uses Cloud services or you’re considering the Cloud as a possible way forward, talk to us first. We can provide anything from fully hosted IT infrastructures on our own ECL Private Cloud, to simple on-line backups. We can also give expert advice on Office 365 and other Cloud platforms.

Disaster Recovery

How would losing access to your IT systems and data for days, or even weeks, affect your business? For many if not most companies this would be a nightmare scenario, with potentially very serious consequences.

Office 365

Cloud services could potentially lower your overall costs and gives your employees all the tools they need alongside the correct layers of security and compliance.

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