Why data back-up is vital to businesses

28th August 2020

The majority of businesses now rely on computers and mobile devices in order to carry out their work. Because we rely on technology it means that we must ensure we have our data secured and readily available at all times in case anything happens. Here we discuss why data back up is important to businesses. What is data back up? We should start by explaining exactly what we mean by data backup. Simply put, data back up is a copy…

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7 Benefits of using Microsoft Teams for Organisations

30th July 2020

With more of us working from home, having video conferences for our meetings is now becoming the new norm. One platform that is being used an increasing amount is Microsoft Teams. This is available as part of the Office 365 package and here we discuss exactly what Microsoft Teams is and how it can benefit your business. What is Microsoft Teams?  Microsoft Teams allows your employees to work collaboratively, even when they are working in separation locations. With features such…

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Staying safe whilst remote working

7th July 2020

As it becomes more common for people to work from home, or in locations outside of the workplace,  it is paramount that organisations are protected as cybercrime continues to become more sophisticated and a real threat. It can be stressful for companies to allow their staff to work from home because of these cyber risks. Here are 7 things companies can do to help ensure that employees are staying safe whilst remote working.

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The Importance of Zero Trust Network Security

12th June 2020

Zero trust network security is an alternative IT security model with the main principle being “never trust, always verify” which is being adopted by many companies to improve their cybersecurity. Here we discuss the importance of zero-trust network security.

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Five Misconceptions of Cloud Computing

28th April 2020

The cloud is consistently growing with many public and private sector companies using it in some form or another. Whilst some may see it as a way to solve all of their IT issues, others find it a source of worry. As with many new technologies, there are sometimes myths and inaccurate information being spread about them. Here are some of the top misconceptions of cloud computing.  The cloud will guarantee money-saving on IT Although cloud computing is a great and…

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How Hosted Exchange Benefits Businesses

30th March 2020

For the majority of small and medium companies, email is essential to the everyday running of the organization. As email is such a critical business tool, it not only has to be fast and reliable, but it also needs to be able to be accessed remotely. Having this flexibility allows staff to always be in touch with the business. Although managing your email infrastructure in-house is definitely achievable, this method can be both time-intensive and expensive. Luckily, there are hosted…

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How Cloud Computing Can Save Your Business Money

28th February 2020

Cloud computing has brought new and exciting opportunities for companies of all sizes. Small and medium-sized companies have seen benefits as the flexible technology allows them to compete on a global scale. They can now utilize technologies that were previously too expensive. Not only does cloud computing provide storage, software solutions and technology infrastructure, it can also help businesses minimise their costs. Here we discuss 5 ways that cloud computing can help your business save money. No need to buy…

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Outsource Your IT Support- 7 Reasons Why

31st January 2020

There are many reasons why businesses should outsource their IT support. Here we discuss 7 reasons to outsource your IT Support. Having an internal IT Manager can be reassuring to many small businesses for reasons such as familiarity of systems and process as well as accountability, however, after reading our list below, you might find the better option is to outsource your IT. 1.Reduce the cost of hiringWhen you are hiring a new member of staff, it is not just…

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Best Email Practices for Companies to Adopt

23rd December 2019

Emails have become a fundamental communication channel for many people and companies. Email is a powerful tool that should be used with consideration for the best results. Here we go through some of the best email etiquette practices that companies should consider adopting for their members of staff to ensure professionalism and efficiency at all times. 1.    Be clear in subject lines Ensure that your subject lines are as clear as possible. You want the recipient to understand exactly what…

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5 Steps for creating a cyber security prevention plan

28th November 2019

Cybercrime is risk to any business with an online presence. Cyber-attacks can have huge and sometimes detrimental implications for a business. A cyber- attack may even reduce trust in the company which can dramatically affect sales. As technological sophistication levels rise hackers are becoming equally as sophisticated. All companies should ensure they have a security prevention plan in place to try and avoid the damage cyber-attacks could do. Here we discuss the 5 steps to improve cyber security in your…

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IT Support

ECL recognises that every client is different, and every client has a different IT support requirement. Whatever the size of your business, we can offer a support scenario to suit your needs.

Cloud Services

Whether your business already uses Cloud services or you’re considering the Cloud as a possible way forward, talk to us first. We can provide anything from fully hosted IT infrastructures on our own ECL Private Cloud, to simple on-line backups. We can also give expert advice on Office 365 and other Cloud platforms.

Disaster Recovery

How would losing access to your IT systems and data for days, or even weeks, affect your business? For many if not most companies this would be a nightmare scenario, with potentially very serious consequences.

Office 365

Cloud services could potentially lower your overall costs and gives your employees all the tools they need alongside the correct layers of security and compliance.

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