How to Protect Your Organisation From Ransomware

28th May 2022

Ransomware is a name that is never too far from the news – and for good reason too. It’s estimated that as many as 78% of businesses in the UK alone fell victim to ransomware attacks in the last year with an untold amount of money paid out to virtual hostage-takers. What is ransomware? Ransomware is a form of malware that attempts to lock users out of their personal data, or publish private information – unless the user pays a…

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IT downtime

4 ways IT downtime can financially impact your business

26th April 2022

Time is money, as the old saying goes, and one of the quickest ways for modern-day businesses to fall into the red is an IT failure. Almost every company today relies on computers and internet infrastructure to complete their work, but such a heavy reliance isn’t without its pitfalls. Here are just a few of the ways that IT downtime can affect your business and some suggestions on what you can do to prevent it. 1 – Reputational damage Reputation…

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6 Security risks of Cloud Computing

28th March 2022

Modern businesses are flocking to cloud computing solutions in ever greater numbers. The ability to view data in real-time, easily share and collaborate on projects and improve remote working capabilities are just a few of the motivating factors for doing so. However, while the cloud is one of the most effective ways to ensure your business stays current and competitive, there are security considerations to take on board. What is Cloud Computing? First of all, it’s important to get a…

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IP Addresses

IP Addresses- What businesses need to know

28th February 2022

So often in business, the devil is in the detail. While you may assume that reading a blog about IP addresses might not seem important to your daily operations, you may be surprised at how integral they can be. Here we will explain some of the reasons why IP addresses and networking details can be integral to your data privacy, among other things. What is an IP address? So let’s begin at the beginning. What is an IP address exactly?…

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Office 365

The Best Office 365 features for businesses

22nd February 2022

The most successful business owners know that the key to overcoming your obstacles is to work smarter, not harder. A ‘stitch in time saves 9’ style approach – where you constantly review your processes to improve them – can pay huge dividends if it is applied consistently. One area in which businesses can greatly improve their efficiency is in their software and daily tools. Choosing the right product suite can unleash creativity, help you communicate more easily, and strengthen your…

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What your business needs to know about data security

30th December 2021

Practically all businesses these days rely on the digital sphere to operate. Developments in technology have made businesses leaner, faster, and more sophisticated than ever before. However, if you’re business operates digitally (even just in some aspects) then you should never underestimate the importance of good data security habits. What is data security? Data security encompasses all manner of ways in which you could, and should, shield your data from criminal activities. Methods of achieving complete control over your data…

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Top tips for a cyber-safe Christmas

10th December 2021

We’re on the home stretch now. After a tumultuous year for many businesses, it’s almost the end of the working year and we are wishing all of our customers and clients a joyous festive break. However, even during a season of celebrations, there are online dangers to keep in mind. Here are several tips to stay cyber-safe at Christmas. 5 Tips to Stay Cyber-Safe at Christmas 1 – Beware of seasonal scammers Seasonal scammers know that many businesses and employees…

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Why is data backup so important to your business?

30th October 2021

Preparation is everything when it comes to disaster protection. And the last thing any business owner wants is to approach a crisis without having a plan in place to guide them. This fact holds true regardless of the size or nature of your organisation. In the age of digitisation, one of the best ways to achieve future-proofing is through a system of regular data backups. What Is A Data Backup? A data backup is essentially a copy of the files…

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How to make the most of Office 365

28th September 2021

When it comes to running your business, there are plenty of different platforms and tools fighting for your attention. While tools like Google Docs and Google Excel are rising in popularity, Microsoft Office 365 continues to improve upon its services with every update, and retain its title as the market leader. Whether you’re already a seasoned user, or simply interested in finding out more about their offerings; here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of their…

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Things to look for in an IT Company

30th August 2021

Technology is increasingly important for businesses of all types and sizes. In recent years, we have seen more and more companies adopting exciting new technologies that have revolutionised the way they do business. However, with this added reliance, also comes risks. Not only do businesses need to be able to troubleshoot and fill knowledge gaps, but they also need to have robust defences against cyber attacks and the more dangerous elements of the internet. Hiring an IT Support Company is…

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IT Support

ECL recognises that every client is different, and every client has a different IT support requirement. Whatever the size of your business, we can offer a support scenario to suit your needs.

Cloud Services

Whether your business already uses Cloud services or you’re considering the Cloud as a possible way forward, talk to us first. We can provide anything from fully hosted IT infrastructures on our own ECL Private Cloud, to simple on-line backups. We can also give expert advice on Office 365 and other Cloud platforms.

Disaster Recovery

How would losing access to your IT systems and data for days, or even weeks, affect your business? For many if not most companies this would be a nightmare scenario, with potentially very serious consequences.

Office 365

Cloud services could potentially lower your overall costs and gives your employees all the tools they need alongside the correct layers of security and compliance.

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