Common IT problems businesses may face

30th September 2022

Common IT problems

Even businesses with the best computer-savvy employees will face IT-related headaches from time to time. This is why it is essential to partner up with an experienced IT professional. Here are some common roadblocks that businesses encounter and how IT support can help you head them off.

Network security

Poor or non-existent network security is more common than you may think. Hackers are given a free ride when network security is treated as an afterthought, and you must be proactive in shutting them out. As well as training your employees in basic security principles, you should also build defences that are less fallable to human error. For instance, while an employee may mistakenly open a phising email and giveaway credentials, an automatic spam filtering software and firewall will be less forgiving to hacking attempts.

Data loss prevention

Whether as a result of a natural disaster, human error or hacking attempts – data loss can cause serious damage to a business. Not only may you lose crucial information but depending on the nature of your business you may also face fines, reputational damage and even legal action. Having a backup system in place with your IT company that replicates your data and ensures you are never locked out of important files can be key to preparing for the worst.

Remote working and mobile devices

The pandemic has sped up the growth in home working for many businesses and their employers. Allowing employees to work from home and on the road can have many benefits, however it can also create logistical and security nightmares. How can you keep data safe and secure? How can your employees access files and systems and edit them in real-time while they are on their home networks? An experienced IT Company can help you navigate all of these hurdles.

Lack of IT experience

Every business seeks to employ the best and most knowledgeable people in their chosen field. However, quite often a lack of external IT support means that employees with the best computer skills are left to field any problematic internet, email or software-based queries that arise. This not only proves to be a distraction from their work, but also can lead to dissatisfied employees and high turnover rates. A managed IT support solution means that your employees know who to turn to when they encounter issues, and they can be left to get on with the work that matters.

Permissions and access levels

One of the best ways for businesses to keep a tight grip on extra-sensitive information is to have tiered levels of access for employees. For instance, an intern should likely not have the same permissions as a seasoned and trusted employee. Employees should only have access to the specific data systems required to do their jobs. A managed IT solution can help you to build sophisticated access controls that mean your employees can still do their work, but there is less fear involved in your part.

Here at ECL, we have a track record of successfully managing cybersecurity threats and data loss and recovery. We provide Bespoke IT Services such as Cloud Services and IT Support to put your mind at ease and increase your protection against data loss. To learn more, make sure to contact our team of IT experts today.

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