5 Common IT Support Issues And How To Solve Them

29th March 2023

IT Support

Effective IT support is essential to the smooth running of a business and its daily operations. Technical problems and a lack of IT support or knowledge can be detrimental to an organisation, and can ultimately result in a loss of productivity and income. Here we cover five common IT support issues and how to solve them.

Poor computer performance

If computer performance is poor or slow, it will reduce productivity and can frustrate members of staff that use the computers.

Carrying out basic maintenance on computers, such as updating software and drivers, and deleting unnecessary files, can help to improve performance. Upgrading hardware, such as memory or hard drives, can incur a cost but will be more effective.

Network connectivity issues

Most modern businesses require a reliable internet connection to operate efficiently. Some of the common causes of connectivity problems are signal interference, incorrect setups, and defective hardware.

If you are experiencing network connectivity issues, this can be problematic. Try troubleshooting techniques such as resetting the router or modem, and installing new firmware and drivers.

Software issues

Compatibility issues, crashes, and error-causing defects are some examples of software issues that you may encounter.

Restarting the software, or reinstalling or updating it, may solve your problems. Failing that, you may need to speak with the programme developer or an IT support company for assistance in resolving the issue.

Email issues

Email communication is key to many businesses’ operations. When email problems occur, it can be frustrating for both staff and customers.

A few of the most common email issues include slow performance, spam or phishing communications, and issues logging in. These are indicators that it might be time to upgrade your email package, install spam filters, or reset passwords.

Security vulnerabilities

Malware or phishing attacks can cause serious harm to businesses. It is imperative that staff are trained on best practices and that security procedures are implemented to help prevent cyber-attacks and security breaches.

Cyber security can be improved by using firewalls and two-factor authentication, limiting access to sensitive information, and installing antivirus software.

If you ever have any queries or concerns about cyber security, or if you have seen or received anything that you feel is suspicious, then speak to your IT department or a Third-Party IT Support Team. They are there to help, and it is always better to be safe than sorry.

If you do not have an IT support team that deals with cybersecurity, you should consider enlisting professional help to ensure your business is protected from cyber-attacks.

Protecting a business from a cyber attack can be a full-time job. Enlisting professional help from IT experts can save you time and money. They will keep up-to-date on the latest cybersecurity threats and measures so that you do not have to.

Cybercrime is an ever-evolving threat and, for true protection, it is important to work alongside a trusted IT support provider that has a track record of successfully managing cybersecurity threats against businesses, like ECL.

If you want support with your IT and to increase your protection against cyber-attacks, make sure to contact our team of IT experts today.

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