Why is data backup so important to your business?

30th October 2021

data backup

Preparation is everything when it comes to disaster protection. And the last thing any business owner wants is to approach a crisis without having a plan in place to guide them. This fact holds true regardless of the size or nature of your organisation.

In the age of digitisation, one of the best ways to achieve future-proofing is through a system of regular data backups.

What Is A Data Backup?

A data backup is essentially a copy of the files held on your computer or device. This copy acts as a safety net should something happen to your original files.

Cyber Crime

Everyone knows that the internet has become a dangerous place. A recent survey from Security Week recorded a 400% increase in business data loss caused by online security breaches. While we can teach our employees safe practices, it only takes one slip up to lower the drawbridge to would-be attackers. Regularly backing up your data is one way to sure up your defences.

Financial Protection

As evidenced by the Coronavirus pandemic, we can never anticipate what is around the corner. Businesses need to stay lean in order to survive. A disaster – whether intentional or an act of nature – could have worrying financial implications. If you’re unable to act quickly and restore your operations then your entire business model could be at risk. Having a backup plan in place gives you a failsafe to call on when needed.

Flood Protection

Weather has always been unpredictable in the United Kingdom, but with the onset of global warming, conditions are anticipated to depreciate further. Flooding is a very real risk for businesses all around the nation, and while physical infrastructure is often the largest cause of concern, your hardware can be at risk too. Having a backup in place means that even if the hardware is damaged, you can get up and running again quickly.

Fire Protection

Fire damage is another very real threat to businesses. Whether through deliberate acts of arson, or electrical faults, fire can tear through buildings and devastate your operations.

This might be an act of nature such as flooding or fire damage. It might be technical issues that cause your files to be deleted or corrupted. Or it might be an organised attack – perhaps by a virus, ransomware, or directly by hackers themselves.

While arsonists can attack your physical assets, they cannot as easily access your data, provided that you employ a routine of regular backups.

Safe Hands

Regular data backups are not just a sensible practical decision – they are also a potential PR opportunity. Clients and customers want to know that you are reliable above all else, and an effective disaster recovery plan will demonstrate that. In the event of a breach or crisis, you will be able to quickly resume your work and avoid any harm to your reputation.

Here at ECL, we have a track record of successfully managing cybersecurity threats and data loss and recovery. We provide IT Services such as Disaster Recovery and IT Support to put your mind at ease and increase your protection against data loss. To learn more, make sure to get in touch with our team of IT experts today.

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