How IT Support Can Improve Your Business Continuity Planning

30th July 2023

IT Support business continuity plan

Business continuity planning is essential in preparing organisations for potential disruptions, so that they can continue to operate during and after a disruption, and to minimise the loss of revenue and customers, and damage to reputation.

It is the process of identifying potential disruptions, assessing the impact of those disruptions, and developing plans and strategies for mitigating those threats to minimise the impact they could have.

Seek Expert Advice

To ensure that your business continuity plan will be effective, it is a good idea to seek help from experts. Read on to find out how IT support can help to improve your business continuity planning, and effectively protect your organisation from potential disruptions.

Weak spots in your online security can increase the risk of disruptions occurring as they make it easier for cyber criminals to attack your organisation.

Expert eyes that are from outside of your organisation can help to identify any weak spots in your organisation’s online activities and digital systems.

Have A Disaster Recover Plan In Place

IT support can assist in creating and implementing a disaster recovery plan for your organisation to ensure that colleagues know what to do in the event of a disruption.

This will also help to enable your organisation to continue to operate effectively during a disruption and to recover successfully and more swiftly, with as little damage as possible.

Creating a backup

It is imperative to business continuity that you have backup and archiving solutions in place. Should a disruption occur, you are at risk of losing valuable data.

IT support can help to ensure your data is secure and can be retrieved quickly, by putting reliable backup and archiving solutions in place.

Conducting routine checks

It is important to conduct regular tests and evaluations to make sure your business continuity plan is always up to date.

IT support can carry out these checks for you and amend plans as required to ensure they are always current and effective.

Saving you money and time

Disruptions to your business operations can be costly. Not only can they damage your reputation and cause you to lose customers, but they can also be expensive to resolve without an effective business continuity plan and expert support on-hand.

Cyber attacks may lead to ransoms that demand you send them money or a form of cryptocurrency in exchange for the re-activation of your website or release of data, for example. And, if your website is down, then you will miss out on potential sales.

Disaster recovery, without having existing IT support or a business continuity plan in place, can be costly. Enlisting IT support to protect your business before any disruption occurs can help to reduce downtime and save you a lot of money in the long run.

These are just some of the many ways in which IT support can improve your business continuity planning. For professional help with backing up your data, and putting a disaster recovery plan together, seek advice from a trusted IT support provider, such as ECL.

Here at ECL, we have a track record of successfully creating and implementing business continuity plans, managing cyber security threats, and protecting data.

Do you need help with IT support in Essex or throughout the UK? You’re in the right place! Give our team of IT experts a call on 01268 575300, or email us at

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