7 Benefits of using Microsoft Teams for Organisations

30th July 2020

Microsoft Teams

With more of us working from home, having video conferences for our meetings is now becoming the new norm. One platform that is being used an increasing amount is Microsoft Teams. This is available as part of the Office 365 package and here we discuss exactly what Microsoft Teams is and how it can benefit your business.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams allows your employees to work collaboratively, even when they are working in separation locations. With features such as chat, file sharing and video calling and screen recording, this programme is designed to aid collaborative projects, help organise teams through projects and overall help improve teamwork. Microsoft Teams is currently being used by organisations of all sizes and it is understandable why they are using it. Here are just a few of the benefits.

Benefits of using Microsoft Teams

Can be accessed anywhere

As it is a cloud-based platform, Microsoft Teams can be accessed anywhere, as long as there is an internet connection. Whether this is on a desktop, mobile or tablet device, the programme will still work. It will also work across Windows, Macs, iOS and Android, meaning it doesn’t matter which device you are accessing it with, making life a bit simpler.

Easy file sharing

Again, before the programme is run on the cloud, documents can be placed in the cloud as well for easy access among employees. Having the documents readily available can really help save people time and work more efficiently.

Less time in online meetings

Making a video or audio call through Microsoft Teams is incredibly simple. Having this ease allows more time to focus on the content of the meeting itself, rather than having to worry about carrying out audio checks etc. There is also the added benefit that face to face meetings do not need to happen as regularly, if at all. This saves a huge amount of time and makes it convenient for all attendees.

Screen Sharing

As with other video conferences, it is easy for attendees to share their screen. This tool is vital for collaborative working. In addition to this, it is possible to record the meeting. Having this option is valuable for training purposes, making extensive notes and is great to have something to refer to in the future.

Successful Project Management

Microsoft Teams makes it a lot easier to focus on specific projects. This can be helpful and make teams work more efficiently. You can split information and projects up by using channels. This means that only messages referring to that project are discussed and keeps everything in one place. Having the information easy to find per project will help work be achieved in an organised and smooth manner.


It is important that companies ensure security remains robust, especially when more people are working remotely. Luckily, Microsoft Teams has an inbuilt security feature set up. It includes a variety of authentication protocols which are intended to make it harder for users to gain access. Not all comparable software options have this, so it makes Microsoft Teams stand out from the crowd.

Integration of third-party apps

Apps such as outlook, SharePoint, One-Note, Office Online and more can be accessed through teams as well, making it a hub for information and a go-to place for employees to find what they are after. Other apps such as Hootsuite, Survey Monkey and hundreds more can also be integrated.

These benefits show that possibility of business working more collaboratively, efficiently and productively. Microsoft teams are easy to use and truly helps those that are working flexibly or remotely. Teamwork is key in any business and Microsoft Teams is here to help this happen.

Now more than ever, it is important to have software that enables successful teamwork and collaboration. If you have any queries about Microsoft Teams or Office 365, then please get in touch.

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