The Importance of IT training in the workplace

26th February 2021

IT support

It may seem obvious, but for most businesses, our employees are our most valuable assets. A highly skilled workforce pulling in the same direction is one of the quickest and most effective routes to establishing yourself as a successful company. There are many ways to upskill your employees, but IT training is one particular area that you should always include in your plans. Here we explain the importance of IT training in the workplace.


While many employees today have grown up with computers, many older workers are not as familiar. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t eager to learn though, and many in-fact love to train and improve their skills. So it’s always worth having systems in place to make older workers feel more competent with the tools at their disposal. Basic training in file navigation, menus, shortcuts, Microsoft Office programmes and essential internet skills can go a long way towards helping them thrive in their roles.

Date security

It might surprise you to know that a great many data breaches occur from user error rather than direct attacks. It’s all too easy for an employee, without the proper knowledge at their side, to unwittingly click on a suspicious link, giveaway a password, or share confidential information by using the wrong privacy settings.

To avoid this, it is crucial that you have strong policies in place, as well as proper IT defence systems. After all, an employee who has been briefed and understands all the risks is much less likely to make a mistake in the future.

Confidentiality requirements

In the era of GDPR and fines for businesses who breach trust, it is more important than ever that businesses understand the rules. Then ensure they are applied strictly to their operations. Some businesses are required to appoint Data Protection Officers to administer their specialist knowledge. However, all businesses must be aware and in compliance with the rules. Device updates, VPN’s and data backups can all help keep data safe.

Being accountable

Despite the positive impact that can arise at work from sharpening our metaphorical swords, training is often sorely neglected. Yes, promises might be made in staff reviews and ambitious strategies set out in growth meetings, but those dates often get buried under the realities and practical strains of our day to day operations. The key here is to be accountable both to yourself and your employees. Set short, medium, and long term targets that can be periodically reviewed. That way, your annual employee appraisal isn’t the only time you spend on your plans.

Successful training is a win-win scenario for everyone involved. You upgrade your existing workforce with employees that already know and understand your culture, and your employees feel that you are investing in their future. Best of all, with IT training, you can be confident that your business is protected, and silly mistakes won’t end up costing you.

Here at ECL, we provide businesses with unrivalled support and assistance to help them maintain a secure and productive work environment for their employees. To find out more please call us today on 01268 575300 or email us at for more information.

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