The Best Office 365 features for businesses

22nd February 2022

Office 365

The most successful business owners know that the key to overcoming your obstacles is to work smarter, not harder. A ‘stitch in time saves 9’ style approach – where you constantly review your processes to improve them – can pay huge dividends if it is applied consistently.

One area in which businesses can greatly improve their efficiency is in their software and daily tools. Choosing the right product suite can unleash creativity, help you communicate more easily, and strengthen your collaboration efforts in all areas. Let’s take a look at how Office 365 can help.

1) Real-Time Edits


One of the first features that can set you apart from the competition is the ability to make edits in real-time. Office 365 boosts your collaborative efforts by allowing your team to see changes made to shared documents, as and when they occur. This eliminates clutter and means that you can be confident that you are working with up-to-date data. Permissions can be set to allow different levels of access, and files can be shared easily using the integrated sidebar function.

2) Remote-Working Benefits


Another benefit of cloud-based storage is that you can access your work anywhere in the world, provided that you have internet access. This means whether you or your team are working from the office, your home, or travelling on a train to a business meeting you should still be able to be productive and get your work done.

3) Communication


Communication is a breeze with Office 365. You can readily work with both contacts inside and outside of your organisation with tools like SharePoint, where you can invite third-party collaborators into the fold. Elsewhere you can use Microsoft Teams to host daily meetings with your team, share files, notes, and presentations, and even host virtual client meetings or job interviews.

4) Productivity and Access


It can be easy for projects to fall apart without a central location that is easily accessible. Office 365 stores your calendar, contacts, emails, and all your key documents in one place – and you can choose who can access them. This centralisation allows your plans for project management and organisational improvements to have the best chance of success.

5) Ease of Usage


When it comes to the adoption of new technology in your business, Microsoft Office 365 keeps things simple. While other products offer a steep learning curve that can make some employees weary, Office 365 products are fashioned with low-tech barriers that make them easy to understand. In addition, Microsoft tools like Word and Excel are some of the most popular programmes in the world, and so most people have at least some comprehension of how they work. This saves on training time and allows your team to hit the ground running.

If you want to take advantage of Microsoft Office 365 and deploy its services to your team, then we are on hand to help. Here at ECL, we provide Office 365 Support to help you securely back up your Office 365 data. To learn more, make sure to contact our team of IT experts today.

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