Outsource Your IT Support- 7 Reasons Why

31st January 2020

 businessman pressing virtual buttonThere are many reasons why businesses should outsource their IT support. Here we discuss 7 reasons to outsource your IT Support. Having an internal IT Manager can be reassuring to many small businesses for reasons such as familiarity of systems and process as well as accountability, however, after reading our list below, you might find the better option is to outsource your IT.

1.Reduce the cost of hiring

When you are hiring a new member of staff, it is not just the cost of their salary that you need to budget for. The associated costs of recruiting the new member of staff and any costs for taxes, staff benefits, and training will all add up to a significant amount. Choosing to outsource your IT support instead turns what could be a large fixed cost into a variable cost. The amount of support you pay for is based on your individual requirements. You can control the costs when you outsource, choosing from retainer based packages to fixed and scheduled visits.

2.Increase Staff Productivity

If you are a small company, you may be tempted to give the job of IT support to existing members of staff. This method keeps costs low, but they may end up spending more time on resolving IT issues that doing their main job which will adversely affect their productivity. Outsourcing IT will free up your staff’s precious time, meaning they can concentrate on helping the business grow.

3. Keep on top of the latest technology trends

Technology and IT are ever evolving. These changes take time to fully understand and to keep on top of. It may be an unrealistic task to have one member of your business trying to keep ahead of the game. If you were to try this, the cost of training and development could begin to spiral out of control. Having a team of IT specialists at hand whose full-time jobs are to stay on top of these changes will provide you with peace of mind that your IT systems will remain up to date.

Companies need to ensure they are taking advantage of the latest products and uses, so having a well-trained IT team with the knowledge of how to implement these new technologies and processes quickly can be very beneficial to your business and keep you ahead of the competition.

Not only will an outsourced team be up to date with technology trends, they are in a great position to implement things quickly.

4. Availability

A major benefit of outsourcing your IT support is that you will have easy access to support. An internal IT manager only be available during his office hours. This could be a problem if you have a technical emergency and they are out of the office on lunch or doing another job. Having access to IT support no matter what time it is will reduce risk of downtime to your company. In turn, this will limit any loss in productivity and associated costs.

5. Boost your In-House IT Talent

Even if you do have internal IT specialists, having the support of an outsourced team can take the pressure off. If your business is going through change such as an IT project or restructure, outsourcing can help. You can complement the skills you have internally with those of your outsourced team. Also consider what would happen if your IT manager is already involved in sorting out a crisis when another emergency arises. Alternatively, what would happen if your IT manager got a new job, was on holiday or was sick? An outsourced team can help provide full support for you, even if it is only for the short term. Outsourcing your IT will allow your business to remain functional and provide continuity.

6. Share the Risk

Having an outsourced IT team means you can offload some of the risk. It is the responsibility of your IT support to help you through emergencies. An outsourced IT company is often better than a one-man band as they may have seen similar cases with other clients. Hacker attacks and cyber-security threats are on the rise. Lower your risk by having a full team available to help you with any issues that arise and to prevent them arising in the first place.

Your IT company will be able to monitor updates and security for you, meaning you have one less thing to think about. With their industry-specific and extensive knowledge, an IT company will be in a better position to spot potential issues and reduce the level of risk.

7. Have access to ongoing Advice and Support

It can be comforting for business owners to have an experienced team at hand to contact if you need advice. Deciding to outsource your IT support to an external company can be a simple and seamless process. They have up to date industry knowledge and will be available at any time to help with your business.

Here at ECL, we have a track record of successfully creating and implementing business continuity plans, managing cyber security threats, and protecting data. For professional IT support, call our team of experts on 01268 575300, or email us at info@ecl.co.uk.

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