4 ways IT downtime can financially impact your business

IT downtime

Time is money, as the old saying goes, and one of the quickest ways for modern-day businesses to fall into the red is an IT failure. Almost every company today relies on computers and internet infrastructure to complete their work, but such a heavy reliance isn’t without its pitfalls. Here are just a few of…

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IP Addresses- What businesses need to know

IP Addresses

So often in business, the devil is in the detail. While you may assume that reading a blog about IP addresses might not seem important to your daily operations, you may be surprised at how integral they can be. Here we will explain some of the reasons why IP addresses and networking details can be…

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The Best Office 365 features for businesses

Office 365

The most successful business owners know that the key to overcoming your obstacles is to work smarter, not harder. A ‘stitch in time saves 9’ style approach – where you constantly review your processes to improve them – can pay huge dividends if it is applied consistently. One area in which businesses can greatly improve…

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How to keep employees productive whilst working from home

Facing the challenges of the global pandemic has meant that many office-based workers are now dispersed. Working virtually from their sofas and kitchen tables. We share how to keep employees productive whilst working from home. However, the lack of face-to-face contact, the potential distractions, and the overall disruption that comes with remote working can make…

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The Importance of Zero Trust Network Security

Zero trust network security is an alternative IT security model with the main principle being “never trust, always verify” which is being adopted by many companies to improve their cybersecurity. Here we discuss the importance of zero-trust network security.

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How Cloud Computing can help your business


Cloud computing is everywhere and has definitely become part of our daily lives. Whether you are watching films, listening to music, editing documents or checking your email, you are already using it. Cloud computing is about storing data on the internet rather than hard drives, meaning you can store unlimited amounts of data over the…

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9 Reasons why your computer may be slow

Slow Computer

It can be extremely frustrating when your computer is slow as it can reduce your productivity and make you job harder. There are many reasons why your computer may be slow, some of which are simple and easy to avoid. 1.    Your hard drive may be failing This can happen over time as a hard…

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Kwik Fit hack highlights dangers of malware for businesses


Recently we wrote an article detailing predictions from some of the world’s top experts including McAfee and the World Economic Forum forecasting greater levels of hacking and phishing in 2019. Well it appears that we have the first major casualty of 2019 with a major hack of UK firm Kwik Fit’s computer network. The popular…

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How to protect you PC from the Foreshadow Intel flaw

Along with threats like Meltdown and Spectre, Foreshadow has been in the news recently, described as a worrying threat for PC’s with intel processors. Meltdown and Spectre, which were first publicly disclosed in January, were a widespread problem and some of the aftermath is still being cleaned up. However, the discovery prompted researchers to do…

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Apple confirms security flaw in almost all its products

Tech giant Apple has confirmed two major bugs found across almost all of it’s devices including iPhones, Macbook Pro’s, iMac Pro’s, Macbook’s, iMacs and iPad devices. Apple has said the two issues known as “spectre” and “meltdown” are believed to affect “nearly all computing devices and operating systems” with only the Apple watches believed to…

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